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I was so moved by the great man’s passing two weeks ago that made this little homage to him: My cover of the classic ‘Your Love’

Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Pomo Edit)

‘Dirty Talk’ by Klein & MBO
The mother of all Italio-Disco songs.

If like me you were looking for the right songs to celebrate Frankie Knuckles memory in this first weekend after his tragic passing, here’s something you may consider.
A milestone in the history of House Music, as well as in Frankie’s career, this astounding remix he did, with DEF Mix productions partner David Morales, brings together everything that made Frankie’s sound what it is, sad, joyous, strong, emotionally deep and moving.
Not that it needed any fixing, but I just wanted to compile my favorite parts from the 7 different mixes I know of it. So again, something personal here.

Get it while you can, before the big corporation that owns it without re-issuing it takes it down, just ‘cos they can.

RIP Frankie.

Unbelievably, I only heard Frankie Knuckles spin once. Many years ago in LA. After his set was over, people where literally lining up to shake his hand. He was very gracious and warm with everyone who approached him. RIP Frankie.